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Assir, Asia, “Garden and land of God=”The” Golden Hord of Got(th)

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  • The Great Drama of Life when the World was thought to be flat, Druidic Titans or Volcanoes that ruled their world and was believed created their World, great change to place whe they relised that Atum ada Adam also Oden (Ap-ollo), the Sun of the all fatter Jupiter and Juno did not die through entering tartarus aka Taurus Mts of Asia’s God(th)-lands where Tarhuna (Thor their Storm God). With his Sacret Daig (day) collar, called a  “Taurque” of Thor a Celtic War Lord, his fathe is Odin (Adam aka Ra-Atum and his spouse is Eve, he who rose again in the East. No the Sun  (Ra Adam)  did not move, it was them on Earth that moved along withe their “garden of Odin” Godlands, or GothLandia At=People  of the Godi (gothi) “Piuda or people and Tribes, of the earth’s  Lands and Oceanus called. attacotte, people of the At-land(t)ic Ocean or Artic Oceans, Also of the Armericas, America’s of Europe used the Pomoriania waterways (fresh and salt waters) of Pontus (Black Sea), Sea People called Pala/istinians. “Place of the Pala/i(stin).

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"The garden of the Piuda (people of Godi"

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